“As you crawl through the undergrowth, you hear the snap of a twig, you turn your head to find that you are ambushed by your enemies. The adrenaline rush is phenomenal, the tension unbearable, sweat pours from pores you never knew you had! One minute you are stalking, the next you are being stalked.”


Paintballing – it’s an adventure, it’s a challenge, it’s exciting, it’s explosive action and above all, it’s great fun.

As anyone who has played paintball before will tell you, it is the ultimate game of excitement between two teams of players where skill, strategy and teamwork combine to make your day really memorable.

Each player is equipped with full protective gear and a top of the range semi-automatic paintball marker.

You will be divided into teams and after your initial safety briefing by our paintball game co-ordinator, the fun will really begin!!!

The aim is to work as a team to achieve various objectives in different Game Map scenarios, by eliminating the opposition by marking them with a biodegradable, gelatine paintball, which splits on impact. Our fully trained marshals will be on hand at all times to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

You must defend towers, bases and bunkers or plan a major offensive through streams, gullies and trenches in our beautiful, mature woodland site.

Elimination from a game doesn’t mean an end to the action. Multiple viewing areas in safe zones assure that you will still feel part of the action, just exchange your marker for a hot drink and await the start of the next game.


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