Paintballing at Wild Park Derbyshire

Join the elite

Book a full day of PaintBalling for just £20 per person

including 200 paintBalls each

Wild Park Derbyshire - The Trenches
Wild Park Derbyshire - Helicopter Black Hawk down
Wild Park Derbyshire - The Tower

Also included

A whole day of Paintballing from 9am to 4pm
Camouflage Overalls
Body armour
Padded hood
Full face mask
Paintball Gun
Tea / Coffee / Water / Squash all day
Wide variety of game maps

Paintballing extras

Glove hire: £1

Paintballs: £8 for 100, £35 for 500, £65 for 1000

Hand Grenades: Smoke, Paint and Flash Bangs just £4 each

Food: Bacon cob £2.50, Large Hot dog £3.50

All of the above can be purchased on the day.


Every Saturday.

How to Book

Use the calendar to choose a Saturday
Click on your chosen Saturday
Click on the ‘Book’ Button
Fill out your name, email, phone number and address
Click the ‘Pay Now’ Button



Wild Park Derbyshire - The Tower
Wild Park Derbyshire - Paintball Tower
Wild Park Derbyshire - Convoy