Paintballing at Wild Park Derbyshire

Join the elite

Book a full day of PaintBalling for just £20 per person

including 200 paintBalls each

Wild Park Derbyshire - The Trenches
Wild Park Derbyshire - Helicopter Black Hawk down
Wild Park Derbyshire - The Tower

Also included

A whole day of Paintballing from 9am to 4pm
Camouflage Overalls
Body armour
Padded hood
Full face mask
Paintball Gun
Tea / Coffee / Water / Squash all day
Wide variety of game maps

Paintballing extras

Glove hire: £1

Paintballs: £8 for 100, £35 for 500, £65 for 1000

Hand Grenades: Smoke, Paint and Flash Bangs just £4 each

Food: Bacon cob £2.50, Large Hot dog £3.50

All of the above can be purchased on the day.


Every Saturday from 1st April 2017 to 16th December 2017 (except 23rd September)

How to Book

Use the calendar to choose a Saturday
Click on your chosen Saturday
Click on the ‘Book’ Button
Fill out your name, email, phone number and address
Click the ‘Pay Now’ Button



Wild Park Derbyshire - The Tower
Wild Park Derbyshire - Paintball Tower
Wild Park Derbyshire - Convoy