Crossbow Shooting

Crossbow Shooting Overview

If you love archery and pistol shooting, you’re really going to love Crossbow shooting! Just like Archery, you’ll need a steady hand and a good eye; Crossbows at Wild Park are perfect for everyone including complete beginners, you don’t all have to be as good as William Tell!

What’s included

  • You’ll receive a safety briefing with shooting hints and tips from our instructors. Once everyone’s familiar with their equipment, there’ll be time for a practice shot to get you started and then it’s the shots that really matter!
  • You will have various different challenges involving hitting the ringed targets. If you want to make it a competition then the participant with the highest score will be the winner.
  • You can combine Crossbow shooting with a full range of other outdoor activities including, Pistol shooting, Paintball, Quad biking, Archery or Laser Tag. The event takes place at our outdoor shooting range. You will shoot from under cover, making it suitable all year round.
  • All your equipment, tea/coffee, water and squash free throughout the session.
  • 45 minutes – 1 hour session including safety briefs and tuition.

What’s the Price?

Only £20 per person.

Special offer: Shooting combo package: (Pistol and crossbow shooting) £35 per person.

Special offer: Add either Crossbow or Pistol shooting for just £15 per person when done alongside a whole day of Paintballing or Quad Biking or Laser Tag.

Minimum age for Crossbow Shooting is 10yrs.

Minimum group size of 6 for Crossbow Shooting.

Clothing / Footwear

Come dressed according to the weather, you will be shooting from an undercover facility with a complete open front.

For further information or to book

If you would like to book or enquire about availability please call us on 01335 360485.